We’re Moving!

Wow! I can’t believe this day has come! Ever since I started sharing my life online 10 years ago, I dreamed of the day that I would be able to buy a Homestead where I could plant a large garden, have chickens, raise animals, become self sufficient.. and of course share it all with you.

You have watched me go from my house in the city, to an RV traveling the country! We’ve decided to settle in Michigan and we’ve been in our little house on the pond for 3 years. But we’ve always known it wasn’t *the* home for us. We’ve still been longing for more, more than what an HOA subdivision can offer, more of God’s great Land….
house on the pond
What an adventure it has been. There has been lot’s of ups and downs. We spent over a year house hunting! I wanted to share with you how everything went because it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. You may see fun pictures on social media of our new house tour or a cute picture in front of our new front door, but please remember there is a whole story of hard work and struggle to get there behind the photo. Like I said, this home was a 10 years dream in the making.

We were seriously interested in several homes and even put in an offer on a beautiful house only for the realtor to let us know they accepted another offer just minutes before. I took the family to many, many showings, and as a mama to many young children, it can be grueling to go to showing after showing. We spent long hours researching and trying to find a new house. Not to mention all the hard work that goes with listing and selling our current home, along with financing a new house. Phew! It’s been a whirlwind to say the least.

We almost gave up….

After spending that much time on the hunt we were feeling really defeated and ready to give up. There has been times we argued, we didn’t think like it was the right time, we felt the prices were just right, rates could be better, and ultimitely we felt like we should just give up and settle for less. Less wasn’t bad, it was actually really good! But what I knew in my heart is that good could be great! And that if it was God’s will, what I really wanted, we could get.

So I decided to start praying about the house hunt. Of course I had been praying about it all along but it was more of an “in passing” prayer. Just “God, when the time is right, please help us find a home” sort of prayer. I decided it needed to be a little bit more serious than that. It was the Holy Cloak Novena to St. Joseph that I decided to start in order to push us through the finish line of getting a new home. The Holy Cloak Novena is a 30 day prayer basically invoaking St. Joseph to place our special prayers and intentions at the foot of Jesus. It’s asking St. Joseph to pray for us. Many people know St. Joseph’s special ties to real estate, as he is the Patron Saint, but not many people know my special devotion to St. Joseph. 


Many prayers and struggles I have had, I have brought to St. Joseph. Now if you’re not Catholic you may think I sound crazy, but hear me out. Hebrews 12-1 tells us that heaven is filled with a cloud of witnesses. These are the Saints! We can use their prayers, just as you would as your friend to pray for you. There are Saints for every cause from illness to animals to snakes and of course, real estate. Any of the special intentions I have prayed during the Holy Cloak Novena have come true. I don’t know why I didn’t start the prayer sooner, but alas, God’s perfect timing, right?

St. Joseph can help you sell your house!

LET ME TELL YOU MOUNTAINS MOVED the first week of the novena. If you have ever prayed a long novena you are probably nodding your head. Life is truly a spiritual battle and when you are in the midst of a deep prayer, you witness it first hand. So many things were going right, and as I continued to pray the novena, really hard things started to happen. Much I can’t delve into, but when I said it’s been a whirlwind. I ain’t playing. We’ve been through the spiritual battle recently and I know many others have to, can I get an AMEN?

I am sharing this with you during the Triduum of Death, aka Halloween. We can call upon our friends in heaven to pray for us! Lord hear our Prayers! We can also look at ourselves and examine our lives to make sure we’re on the narrow path towards heaven.

Moving on and up!

That time has come and it is now time to move out and it is bittersweet to say goodbye. We’ve had many great memories here, two amazing home births, many days homeschooling, loving, living, crying and laughing! We won’t forget the great memories we shared here. what’s to come is far more that what I even imagined when I prayed. We are moving to my DREAM HOMESTEAD IN THE FOREST.

To say I’ve reached my goal is an understatement. I feel as though all my wildest dreams are coming true! I’m so grateful to God and to you, my friend and supporter. This is not a simple check on the goal to do list, though. This is the beginning of the rest of our lives; the place where we will raise our children and grow in ways we only hope can honor and Glorify God for all he has given us. And I’m so excited to take you along on the journey!