10 years ago I started sharing my life on the internet in hopes to grow an online “influencer” business. Although the journey has been long, I have been very successful in doing this and I have been blessed with friends and connections from all over the world. I have created a substantial income for my family that has allowed me to become debt free, save money, and live a very comfortable life. I have done all of this while being in a happy and loving marriage; carrying, birthing, and homeschooling 6 amazing children, also maintaining a home, and STILL managing to remember to feed myself. By all worldly standards I have achieved the ultimate goal I set out to accomplish 10 years ago. I am an influencer.

It’s been quite the journey but the past 10 years is not what I’m here to talk about. The major shift I have been feeling has been in the last 2 years. I think many other people have also felt a shift. A shift in the world, a shift in thinking and a shift in our hearts. It’s lead me to much prayer and contemplation. In the last two years I have spent much time in deep thought about the way things are. The way I am. An area of my life I’m often thinking about is my job here online.  I’ve accomplished becoming an influencer… Awesome! But I still feel God wants more from me, He wants something different.

I’m often seen posting what all the other influencer moms post, what the latest find is at the store, or sharing the best products in sponsored posts. And it’s lead me to wonder:

what exactly am I influencing people to do?

All of my videos have been real and authentic and I really enjoy creating content (if I didn’t I wouldn’t have done it for 10 years!) and yeah… we all need to buy things to live and yes my family really does eat all of the food we buy at Costco. But I feel like my message has been muffled under “grocery hauls” and “what I eat in a day” videos. God wants more from me, and I didn’t really know WHAT until recently.

As a Christian, I am always listening for the voice of the holy ghost. I am always praying to God to know if I’m obeying Him and doing what I should be doing. And after the birth of my 6th child, I have felt a new calling from God. A real pull to share more of what is on my heart, to share a deeper me (deeper than just my meal plan). After praying about this for the past two years, I am finally feeling like I know how God wants me to proceed.

Yes, my heart is changing.

A changed heart means my content here will be changing too. I am not leaving the internet or quitting YouTube or anything crazy like that…but things will look different from here out. No longer will I be sharing what’s most popular for views, but instead I will be sharing what’s most popular in the eyes of God. I will be sharing His goodness and beauty and what he is molding in my heart. For some of you, that means you won’t want to hear from me anymore. And that does make me sad. But for the rest of you that stay with me, I’m so excited for what is to come. So let’s grow together! Let’s learn together! Let’s become biblical wives, life giving mothers, and glorify God in our simple everyday.