Welcome to our homeschool room!

In the world of homeschooling, every family’s journey is unique. Today, we’re opening the doors to our homeschool room, not just for a glimpse but for an in-depth exploration, as we take you on a tour of our learning space designed specifically for our large family.

When you’re homeschooling with a large family, every decision, from curriculum choices to organization strategies, takes on a unique dimension. It’s a delightful blend of chaos and coordination, where each day unfolds with its own set of challenges and triumphs. In this blog post, we invite you to join us on our homeschool room tour.

aesthetic homeschool room wall

Large family homeschool space

As an experienced mom to a bustling household, I’ve had the privilege of fine-tuning our learning environment over the years to foster curiosity, collaboration, and creativity. Whether you’re a fellow parent navigating the exciting waters of homeschooling a large family or simply curious about how we make it work, this tour is brimming with inspiration, practical tips, and a heartfelt glimpse into our unique homeschooling journey.

Whether you’re a veteran homeschooler seeking fresh ideas or a curious newcomer considering the leap into homeschooling, our homeschool room tour promises inspiration, practical insights, and a glimpse into the heart of our family’s educational adventure.

large family classroom

Welcome to our homeschool room tour for a large family—a testament to the idea that learning knows no bounds, especially within the walls of a loving home.


In this tour, I’ve curated a variety of resources and educational tools to enhance the homeschooling experience for our large family. If you come across any items that pique your interest, you can easily access them by clicking the links provided. I believe in the power of well-chosen educational materials, and each link has been carefully selected to offer you direct access to products and resources that have enriched our own homeschooling journey. By making a purchase through these links, you not only acquire valuable tools for your homeschool, but you also support our efforts to continue sharing insights and inspiration with the homeschooling community. Thank you for joining us on this tour, and we hope you find these resources as valuable as we have in nurturing the love of learning in your home.

Wooden Calendar 

Letter Board

Pencil Sharpener

CD Player

Drawer Cart

Diffuser & Oils

St. Joseph Kids Books

Saint Figurines

Saint Flash Cards

Homeschool Mom T Shirt

Alphabet Banner & Numbers Banner

Pencil Caddy


Homeschool Planner

Sketch Books


Curriculum Bins *you can buy these from Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls

As we wrap up this homeschool room tour for our large family, we’re reminded of the remarkable journey that is homeschooling. It’s a path filled with adventure, curiosity, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge, all within the cozy confines of our home.

Our homeschool room is not just a physical space; it’s a canvas for imagination, a sanctuary for learning, and a testament to the power of family-driven education.

Homeschool room inspiration

We hope this tour has left you inspired, whether you’re a seasoned homeschooler seeking fresh ideas or someone contemplating the homeschooling adventure. Remember, your homeschooling space is a reflection of your family’s unique needs and aspirations, and it has the potential to evolve and grow just as your children do.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, for allowing us to share a glimpse into our homeschooling world, and for being a part of our vibrant community. Your support and curiosity fuel our commitment to providing valuable resources and insights to fellow homeschooling families. We wish you all the best on your homeschooling journey, filled with the joy of discovery and the wonder of learning together.

Here’s to the incredible adventure that is homeschooling—may your homeschool room always be a place where dreams take flight and where the love of learning finds its forever home.