SURPRISE! We are expecting baby number six and we are so thrilled to share it with YOU! What a whirlwind the first trimester has been… From keeping it a secret from EVERYONE for 10 weeks, to feeling nauseous ALL. THE. TIME. it has been a little crazy. But we are feeling so incredibly blessed to be adding another baby to our already amazing family. What an absolute gift from God!

Like most mama’s I have experienced quite a few first trimester pregnancy symptoms. Most of them aren’t cute or comfortable but I’m going to share them (and what I did to deal with them) in hopes to encourage other mama’s!

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

  1. Nausea- (Eating regularly, staying hydrated, keeping up with vitamins and taking Total Nausea from Pink Stork)
  2. Cramping- (Baths, and taking magnesium)
  3. Round Ligament Pain (Being careful with movement)
  4. Fatigue (Naps, and increasing iron)
  5. Food Aversions (Avoid coffee, now take a clean energy drink mix with minimal caffeine)
  6. Breast Tenderness (Breastfeeding in a quiet place, deep breathing)
  7. Frequent Urination

I will go into detail about all of my symptoms in just a minute, but first you have to check out my pregnancy announcement for YouTube if you missed it!

Oh! And here are my pregnancy announcement photos we took for Instagram. Didn’t they turn out so cute! I had my friend and photographer come and we literally told the kids while she was snapping photos. It’s so cute to see their initial reactions.

(pics coming soon)

Now, back to the symptoms (ugh do we have to remember 😅)…

(symptoms coming soon)

I got a suuuuper faint positive on July 19th, 2021 and then used a Clear Blue Digital test on July 20th, 2021 and then there was no denying I was pregnant! Starting at about 6 weeks I would get really bloated in the evenings! It would practically look like I was already 5 months pregnant. I guess the bloating happens because my digestive track was slowing down due to all of the hormones from the pregnancy.

Around 7 weeks I was starting to get nauseous and experienced food aversions. One thing in specific- coffee, my beloved coffee, just didn’t taste right anymore and made me feel even more nauseous whenever I drank it. Ever since I haven’t been able to drink it.

One thing I have LOVED and can’t get enough of is Tajin seasoning, especially on watermelon! YUM!

At 10 weeks I got a quick ultrasound to check the baby’s heart rate and growth. Everything looked awesome and I was so excited to see my little baby!

So excited to be starting my second trimester and sharing the journey with you all!