12 06, 2022

My heart is changing….

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  10 years ago I started sharing my life on the internet in hopes to grow an online "influencer" business. Although the journey has been long, I have been very successful in doing this and I have been blessed with friends and connections from all over the world. I have created a substantial income for my family that has allowed me to become debt free, save money, and live a very comfortable life. I have done all of this while being in a happy and loving marriage; carrying, birthing, and homeschooling 6 amazing children, also maintaining a home, and STILL managing to remember to feed myself. By all worldly standards I have achieved the ultimate goal I set out to [...]

23 09, 2021

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

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SURPRISE! We are expecting baby number six and we are so thrilled to share it with YOU! What a whirlwind the first trimester has been... From keeping it a secret from EVERYONE for 10 weeks, to feeling nauseous ALL. THE. TIME. it has been a little crazy. But we are feeling so incredibly blessed to be adding another baby to our already amazing family. What an absolute gift from God! Like most mama's I have experienced quite a few first trimester pregnancy symptoms. Most of them aren't cute or comfortable but I'm going to share them (and what I did to deal with them) in hopes to encourage other mama's! First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms Nausea- (Eating regularly, staying hydrated, keeping [...]

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