How to make Guacamole Dip For Tacos

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This Guacamole Dip recipe is perfect for tacos. It's simple and refreshing ingredients make this the best guacamole ever! In our house we love tacos. (Check out my chicken taco recipe! ;)) But do you know what is better than tacos? Adding this guacamole dip on TOP of said tacos... For real though, this recipe is so good, you can eat this alone as an amazing nutritious snack too. Read on for some tips and tricks to make sure your guacamole turns out perfectly, because who doesn't like delicious guacamole!? How to make guacamole Mash ripe avocados and add lemon and lime juice. Dice red onion into small pieces. Add red onion, and spices to mashed avocados. Finely chop cilantro [...]